Can you send orders for less than the minimum indicated amount if I pay the shipping cost?

This is unfortunately not possible because we offer quarry prices with shipping costs included. The minimum amount indicated for each order includes the minimum management fee and we are unable to serve orders that would not reach this minimum.

What kind of delivery truck do you use? A crane truck? Is it possible to unload my order inside of the house?

The delivery is carried out by a delivery truck, with platform and pallet truck. It is not a truck crane. The driver will unload your order in front of your door or at the nearest place where he can access.

I would like to organize the day and time of delivery. Is it possible?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set the delivery day and time. The average delivery time is about 5 days. Your order will be transported in groupage and will pass through several warehouses until arriving at the one closest to your home. From there, your order will be delivered with other deliveries planned for other destinations. This means that it is impossible to fix an exact delivery time because it depends on other previous deliveries. However, the carrier will contact you on the scheduled day of delivery.

You will also receive an e-mail informing you of the departure of the goods and the name and phone number of the shipping company, in case you would like to contact them to follow your delivery.

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