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Gama Plus Intense

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  • Canto rodado Negro Pulido
    More Intense range

    Range of varnished pebbles, with shiny appearance and a more intense colour than the natural pebble. Thanks to the protective layer provided by the varnish, the color lasts throughout the pebble’s life and it remains clean with rainwater only. It does not absorb dirt. Only Pink and Red pebbles are available in that range for the moment and in 6-12 and...

    8,35 €
  • Polished red pebbles
    Polished red pebbles

    This very special pebble, with a brilliant aspect and an intense red color, comes from our Intense Red pebble. The application of a specific varnish allows this aggregate to retain its color and shininess, even in the worst weather conditions.

    356,95 €