• Pink pebble
    Pink pebble

    This unique and particularly recognizable pink stone is a pinkish marble, with red veins. Just coming out from the quarry, it may appear more yellow than pink, but as soon as it is wet with rain, its red veins and pink colour come out, especially when it is tumbled, as it is the case here. This stone of a delicate pink colour will delight natural stone...

    242,00 €
  • Blue Grey Gravel
    Bluish Grey crushed gravel

    Decorative stone with a particular colour, wide range of grey scale, from white to black, with a characteristic brightness of marble. It is an original and exclusive VELESTONE stone.

    4,96 €
  • Saturn yellow pebble
    Saturn Yellow pebble

    Saturn Yellow marble, used in outdoor and indoor decoration. Natural stone of yellow color, available in different sizes.

    5,57 €
  • Pure white pebble
    Pure White pebble

    The Pure White Pebble, the world most sold tumbled stone, is used for outdoor garden decoration, interior decoration and landscaping projects. Its shiny white colour is unique in Europe.

    175,00 €
  • Caramel River Pebble
    Caramel river pebble

    This naturally tumbled river pebble is a cheap decorative pebble, but it has a strong decorative value. Ocher and brown prevail in this multi-colored pebble. Our Caramel River Pebble is available in the following sizes: 3-6, 6-12, 12-24, 24-40, 150-350 and 350-600 mm.

    4,24 €
  • Polished Black pebble
    Black Polished pebble

    Black Polished tumbled stone, of a matte and intense black colour. This stone is very resistant and can be placed outside. It is a high quality pebble that will naturally find its place in your landscaping and interior design projects. It is available in 3 sizes: 12-24, 24-40 and 40-60 mm.

    8,35 €